Volex Design is an award winning CT web design company focused on developing creative and results-driven small business websites. We have a combination of technical and creative backgrounds and education to best help you grow your business. We have a motto at Volex Design, "If it's not making you money, it's not worth having". We invest our time and effort not into launching a site, but to see you succeed from it. In comparison to other CT web design agencies, we've won the most awards, have the best results, and create the fastest returns on your investment. We take a look at what will help you, and then we make it happen.



Our small team has accomplished a great deal in just a little over a year. I started Volex Design with the expectation of awards, association with great people, and everything good, although I didn't expect it to happen so fast. I started out on my own with the skills of web design, coding, and the ability to adapt. Once I brought Brandon on board, we we're able to make something great. Now he comes up with great designs and creative ideas, then I figure out how to make them work.



Turnips are a great source of wisdom. I consult them regularly whenever I conjure up new designs from my fever dreams. Some would take this time to speak on behalf of all the progress the company has made throughout our brief history. I'll leave that to Cameron. I'll leave you with some words of advice that guide my design philosophy.

All work and no play makes your mind go gray.

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Volex Design is a specialized small business web design company in Connecticut. We aim to create joyful and compelling experiences online. At Volex Design, we craft spectacular websites that effectively communicate your unique services to customers around you.

We work a little differently than other Connecticut web design agencies. Most web designers take the easy route by using Wordpress, WIX or another do-it-yourself web designer. These platforms only produce bad results, mobile unfriendly websites and bad code.

At Volex Design our platform is developed specifically for web designers to have complete freedom in any website we build. Our CT web design services provide small businesses with a marketing tool proven time and time again to work.

Every source of marketing you use, always runs back to your website. If your website isn't up to the best of it's ability, all the time and money you put into marketing becomes a liability, not an asset.

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Volex Design is an award winning website design agency focused on developing creative and results-driven small business websites. As our website design portfolio displays, we have an obsession with creating impressive results.