Volex Design is an award winning CT web design company focused on developing creative and results-driven small business websites. We have a combination of technical and creative backgrounds and education to best help you grow your business. We have a motto at Volex Design, "If it's not making you money, it's not worth having". We invest our time and effort not into launching a site, but to see you succeed from it. In comparison to other CT web design agencies, we've won the most awards, have the best results, and create the fastest returns on your investment. We take a look at what will help you, and then we make it happen.

Small businesses spend over 60% of their profit on advertising. Our job is to help you invest less, and gain more. Your marketing success is not defined in how much you spend, but where you spend it. Volex Design comprises of the best website designers in Connecticut that learn more about web design everyday of the week. We see the need in your small business, then we fill it with unique website design services proven time and time again to be our clients greatest asset.

A tremendous website is the first step to an abundance of customers. Contact Volex Design to get started on a journey of success and easy, simple marketing.

CT Web Design Services that spark innovation and success

As a small business, your website is the most critical part of your branding and marketing efforts. Your website visitors should be turning into customers, not the other way around. Without the right web designers in Connecticut, you can end up with a liability instead of your greatest asset. Take a look at our team.

Meet the Volex Design team

Grow your business online and engage your visitors with professional website design services that drive results. Your website is the first impression your potential customers have of you, and first impressions matter more than ever. Make a lasting impact on your website visitors by guiding your website for them, not at them. With nearly 100% of consumers starting their search for a local business online, your online presence is the only way to get a leg up on your competitors.

What makes successful CT website design services

8 seconds. That's all the time you have to convince your website visitors that you're better than your competitors. If you have a website now, it's likely not working nearly as hard as it should. 

Almost every Connecticut website designer isn't developing websites correctly. Alike any other service, the easy way isn't always the right way. They are likely using Wordpress, or another platform not mean for small business web design. Using Wordpress can be the biggest small business website design mistake. The same goes for other DIY platforms, and unfortunately they are very common among web design companies in CT.

Your website will be the most effective marketing tool you ever have, if done right. Volex Design doesn't throw your pictures and info into some cheap template we bought, because that doesn't work. Our Connecticut website design services work as well as they do, due to our effort and knowledge of online marketing and small business.

If you take the same action as everyone else, your website will work like every other one before it. When you have Volex Design on your side, you have a web design company that will build a more effective website, with a unique and results-driven design.

We're looking to accomplish two goals in your business. That's to take your mind off of getting customers, and let you worry about helping them. The best, and only way to do this auspiciously, is to use the best CT website design services available, only found through Volex Design.


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Volex Design Headquarters

The Volex Design headquarters are located at 413 Main Street, Niantic CT, 06357. We are right in Downtown Niantic, right near the beach. Swing by our office, then take a swim!

Where can I find a web designer near me?

Oh good! We provide website design services locally to all of Southeastern Connecticut. Take a look at all our service areas to be sure. Not in Connecticut? Not a problem! We provide website design services to all of the US, over phone email, and any other form of communication that works best for you.