Medical practices need to build trust and a rapport with their patients. Our medical website design services provide a way for local physicians to reach their patients on a personal level, bring in new patients, and grow your medical network. Volex design provides high quality, effective, and affordable medical web design services for physicians in CT.

Remarkable Medical Web Design Services

Whether your looking for a basic web design service, or a large medical website design service, Volex Design has your practice covered. We develop attractive designs, and clean code to draw in attention of your potential patients. We then make your website using UX design, in order to allow for easy navigation, and happy customers.

CT Website Design Services

Increase patient conversion rates and boost revenues by providing a superb browsing experience for users with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and all future devices. We do this by creating responsive websites, that change their layout based on the dimensions of the screen it is being used on. This practice of responsive website design gives your medical business a leg up on all your competition.

Many businesses are still using old websites that are not mobile-friendly. These website cause them to lose more than half of their business due to impossible navigation and ease of use on every device.

Who are the medical web designers behind Volex Design?

As a medical practice, the investments you make are substantial, and need to be well-backed. At Volex Design we have a duo of website designers that bring in both sides of successful medical marketing in CT.

Cameron G. Johnson, the founder of Volex Design, brings the technical aspect of website development. Brandon Lumbasi brings the creative eye, and the knowledge of design to the table. Together they develop tremendous CT website design projects that take their clients to new points of success.

What is our medical website design in Connecticut process?

What do you want users to do once they’ve found your website? Do you want them to contact you, fill out a form, or come by your office? In order for us to best understand what your websites goal is, we study your business, and your industry. From there we gather information about your demographic and who to gear you medical website design to.

After we finish our research, we develop your doctor website with the intention of focusing on your audience. For example, if you have an older client base, we don't use small text, or to flashy of colors. For most medical practices, we use soft colors, pronounced navigation and quick access to information.

What does a physicians website design look like?

Whether your looking for a dentist website design, or a chiropractor web design, Volex Design customizes the website to cater to your business.

Medical – Medical Website Template

Does your practice offer different and better chiropractor services compared to your competition? Then that needs to be public! Every physician is unique, and your physician web design should be as well.

How long does it take for a medical website design in CT?

If we have the necessary information, we can make a website for your practice in 1 to 2 weeks! At Volex Design, we can have such a fast return because we already have pre-set designs that we will customize for your business. That doesn't just mean changing colors or fonts, we can create new elements from scratch if needed.

What information will we need for your website?

The more content on your website the better. Volex Design provides basic SEO work on your medical websites content. Basic SEO comes with every CT web design project for free. Basic SEO work helps your website be easily accesible to search engines for the search of your business name. Content that is good to have on your website is:

  • Your company history
  • Business philosophy
  • Why you started the business
  • Your management team
  • More details on what sets you apart

Get in touch with Volex Design today to get your own medical website design in CT.


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Are we neighbors?

Figuratively speaking. We are probably pretty close by, we are right in the center of Southeastern Connecticut. Our office is in Niantic, and we provide medical website design services to all of Connecticut. We love visitors! Swing by our office any time! To be sure, you can you check out all the cities our small business web designers in CT service.