Real Estate is one of the most competitive industries, at the same time you have freedom to produce based off your efforts. How does an agent or realty agency take a step ahead of the rest? A cost friendly real estate website design in CT can make all the difference

Real Estate Website Design CT

Choosing the right Real Estate website design that meets your needs can be an overwhelming task. Maybe you're not even sure what factors you need to consider. Let us review your needs, walk you through important Real Estate features, and help you determine which solution will work best for you.

CT Website Design Services

In today's real estate market consumers want to search properties, get detailed neighborhood information and get to know you, the agent, through the actions you take online. Most of all, buyers want to know and trust their agent. At Volex Design we offer real estate websites that give you the power to develop personal connections with your online visitors and to make more sales from it. Today's agent website is not just about showing listings, but have a real estate website that beats out your competitors. Your real estate web designer needs to develop your website with the specific intent to have a buyer choose you over another agent, and that's exactly what Volex Design specializes in.

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Easy to update, add or delete

A real estate website design is a non-stop immovable object. Properties, agents, and buyers are constantly coming and going by the minute. With Volex Design, you get to edit, add or delete properties with ease in a split second. The same goes for any content, agents or other elements of your website.

Track everything

Google Analytics can help you determine how visitors are finding your website, how they are using your website and give you guidance on what you may want to improve upon. We establish a google analytics account that we will go over and study analytics to ensure the best results from your website. 

Personalized page, or website for every agent

The best choice a real estate agent can make is to have their own online presence. Like we said above, a buyer and seller wants to trust their agent. The best way to get your face out in front of them is to have a website displaying you. Volex Design develops personalized pages or websites for every agent. Most agents who want to get ahead have their own custom website design. Every real estate agency web design in CT will come with a page designated to each agent.

Prepared for greatness

Volex Design has preset CT website designs specifically for real estate agents and real estate agencies. We developed the successful real estate website design for Heritage Properties of Niantic Connecticut. We integrated a fully working MLS system to track properties, agents, buyers and much more. Heritage Properties needed a full website re-design with very specific features. We solved every issue that was previously on their old site, answered every question, and boosted their online presence to a whole new league.


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Are we neighbors?

Figuratively speaking. We are probably pretty close by, we are right in the center of Southeastern Connecticut. Our office is in Niantic, and we provide medical website design services to all of Connecticut. We love visitors! Swing by our office any time! To be sure, you can you check out all the cities our small business web designers in CT service.