Now it's time to get your website found online. You have a great website design, and now your marketing efforts turn into results. If your looking for an effective website marketing source, we have an affiliate, Empower Main Street, that specializes in Social Media Marketing. They have helped plenty of local businesses in Connecticut not only drive more traffic, but get walk-ins, phone calls and much more.

Social Media Marketing

Volex Design sends all our clients to (EMS) Empower Main Street, for all social media marketing needs. They are a team of great marketers, than we can trust to produce leads. Empower Main Street serves locally-owned businesses of all shapes and sizes who want easy, manageable and fun strategies for getting more sales, qualifying more leads, growing their networks and building their business on and offline using the power of social media!

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Professional photography

Photography can really bring out the great qualities of a website and other marketing tools. Empower Main Street also provides professional photography in Connecticut. EMS strives to capture the unique qualities of your business and use these photos to convey your business’ character in every post. 

They have whole team of professional photographers, combining unique styles and asthetics for high quality website & social media content that you and your customers will notice!

Social Media Marketing

Empower Main Street provides 6, 45 minute consultations. During these consultations, we will meet with you one-on-one and explain the tips and tricks you need to know to properly utilize social media for your business. 

Empower Main Street professionally creates and fixes all your social media profiles and directories. They specialize in making effective posts on all social media outlets to drive traffic to your website.


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Is Volex Design a website design company near me?

Yes! We are probably pretty close by, we are right in the center of Southeastern Connecticut. Our office is in Niantic CT, and we provide Law Firm website design services to all of Connecticut. We love visitors! Swing by our office any time! To be sure, you can you check out all the cities our small business web designers in CT service.