Cameron g. johnson

Cameron G. Johnson is the Founder of Volex Design. He oversees all the web designs, developments, and project strategies.

creative director

brandon lumbasi

Howdy, I'm Brandon, and I am a being that succeeds in making many things on the internet look good. Between that and being behind the design choices for every one of the websites created by Volex Design, you can say that I have a lot on my plate.

Perspective is waking up without the bones that you slept in



Volex Design is a web design firm known for attention to detail

About Volex Design

Volex Design is a specialized small business web design company in Connecticut. We aim to create joyful and compelling experiences online. At Volex Design, we craft spectacular websites that effectively communicate your unique services to customers around you.

We work a little differently than other Connecticut web design agencies. Most web designers take the easy route by using Wordpress, WIX or another do-it-yourself web designer. These platforms only produce bad results, mobile-unfriendly websites, and bad code.

At Volex Design our platform is developed specifically for web designers to have complete freedom on any website we build. Our CT web design services provide small businesses with a marketing tool proven time and time again to work.

Every source of marketing you use always runs back to your website. If your website isn't at its best, then all the time and money you put into it becomes a liability, not an asset. We build assets here.

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