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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

Most small businesses can find themselves in survival mode. We spend our revenue on necessities and not much else. We can find ourselves wondering if a small business website design in CT is luxury we can live without.

Some business owners think they can get away with a Facebook page, and a page on Yelp. More on why you should be careful of Yelp in a post coming soon. Pages on Facebook, Twitter, Yellowpages and Google Business are all important, and you should absolutely claim your listings. These platforms are all marketing tools to draw visitors to your website, otherwise they are being wasted.

Your goal is not to generate leads, but to have new customers

It's easy to write a list of numbers to cold call, although none of have the time to go through every single one hoping that they need and want our service. Those are leads, but not good ones. A great lead is a phone call to you, asking for your service, not vise-versa. You may ask yourself "How on earth do I get potential clients to call me?" That's where CT Website Design becomes a necessity not a luxury.

This is how the internet works for local businesses with an exorbitance flow of clients like roofing companies in Old Saybrook. Someone either finds them on Google, Facebook, or some other referral source. They go to the small business website, like what they see, and pick up the phone. The sale is already made, the local business only needs to meet with their new client or customer to close the deal. Much like a roofing company in Essex.

1. Credibility

Your website acts as an informational gateway to prove your a credible business. Your CT website design will display a few key points about you and your work. All your potential customers are looking for reasons to choose and trust you, your product and/or service. Your website displays these 5 trust-building elements:

  1. Your Portfolio - It's imortant to know you have a good track record
  2. Reviews - People trust nothing more than a good recomendation
  3. Accreditation's - Prove your qualified
  4. Information about your services/products - Tell everyone why your the best choice
  5. Info about you and your business - What makes you trustworthy and good at what you do

2. Meet customers expecations

There isn't many businesses that have lasted that don't have a website, and your customers know it. They look for you, and when they can't find your small business website design, it can be concerning. Don't think your customers care about your website? Take a look at specifications customers said they want in a small business website. People care, and aren't all that patient. They aren't going to wait around to find all the info they are looking for, if you don't have a website, they'll find someone else.

3. Business is open 24/7

I can't even begin to count how many emails I've gotten from potential clients past 12:00 am. I don't answer then, because I'm hours into sleep by then. When I wake up, it's a great site to see that I am about to get a new client. More than 90% of those emails come through our website. We needed a great small business website, or we would have missed out on those late night customers. This is even true for a more traditional business like with roofing companies in Old Lyme and how they need to adapt to the information age.

4. Competition

Just as you need a small business website to stay ahead, you also need one so you don't fall behind. It's not surprising that 50% of small business owners have invested in a website. Studies show that 72 percent of them go online to find educational material, reviews, and testimonials, according to this report. You need ensure that these types of resources are readily available on your website, or your potential customers will jump to another business that does have a small business website design.

All of your top competition knew they needed a small business website, luckily they probably aren't very good. Many websites aren't responsive, which means they don't work well on all devices. Responsive websites aren't the way of the future, they are the way of the present. Learn more about what responsive website design is.

5. Reach the perfect Market

Is it easier to convince someone they need your service? Or is it easier if they come to you looking for your service? The latter right? Of course! The largest local market is on Google, no matter where you are located, and it is filled with consumers. When you get someone contacting you through your website, the sale is already made because the website made it for you. You can sit back, market your website, and let the calls flow in. Simple, yet effective.

Are you ready to let a website work for you?

30% of small business who don't have a website said it's because of cost. A website is obviously a necessity, although your not going to get an effective one for $500. That doesn't mean you should spend over $12,000 on your first small business website design. Contact Volex Design to get a successful small business website design that fits your budget.

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