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Business Websites need Direct Personal Support

Business Websites need Direct Personal Support

Business Websites need Direct Personal Support

A Difference In Style

The support behind every service crafted by Volex Design is backed by our drive to take out the hassle and middle men when it come to starting, completing, and maintaining a project. Instead of being passed around a call center, our primary methods of contact lead directly to our head web developers and web designers that can personally walk you through what you can expect when working with us. This helps us build a preliminary plan as to how we can structure our web design ct to pair with your objectives. After that we schedule out a day for you to come to one of our offices or set up a conference call with the team so we can start constructing a plan for what you are trying to get from one of our sites. An increase in leads, raising your business's visibility above the competition, or even a complete brand overhaul.

Either in person or over email, we want to make sure that there is no veil covering up how we do what we do best, design websites that shatter expectation. To often the ideas are set in stone at the beginning of the a project and after weeks of radio silence the company returns to the table with a product that has missed the mark. Then they try to pawn it off as the original vision, working to pass of a shoddy job for the standard. Hurting themselves and overall web design ct in the process. That is something we avoid with our transparency we apply to the design process of all out our websites.

So this is the approach we take to keeping our clients inform and in the know of what our website designers and developers do to uphold our pledge to transparency.

First Contact

After the first consulting meeting, our web developers and website designers begin constructing the foundation of the site. This serves as the base web design ct for your entire brand. In that time we create a communication portal to you where we can discuss progress made and for your input as to what type of content should go onto the site. Since we strive for unique avenues of approach and creating a connection between a site and the business behind it, we often have custom form for clients to fill out to give their site more personality. With that information in hand, we continue on in creating the prototype site before the first progress check.

Stay Up to Date with our Progress Check-ins

We layout a timeline during the first meeting to make sure that every party involved is aware of how long the project will take and also the stages that website design will enter through development. We also include progress check so that our clients can see the growth of their ideas combined with our own skills. This ensures that we don't stray from the original shared vision as well as input for the upcoming progress checks. If there is any points of contention in the prototype, this is where we can adjust our goals and propose new tactics to ensure that we stay on the straight and narrow.

Support after Post Launch

After we launch, we sit down with our clients and go over the Volex Design Content Management System. This system lets them makes changes to their site and web design ct without the need to directly contact us and gives them the power to make these changes on their time. The CMS is very easy to learn, and after the lesson on that we leave open our communications for any other work that has to be done on the website later down the road. All without the hassle and the middlemen that follows usual client to company communication.

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