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Free Responsive Website for Local Businesses!

Free Responsive Website for Local Businesses!

Probably the Best Website Design Sale You're Ever Going to See

We thought this would be a good time to help the small businesses around us. It's summertime, birds are chirping, many businesses are booming, and some just beginning! 

What do I get in this Promotion?

A Responsive Template Customized for Your Business.

We have numerous templates that we will customize just for your business. This means we will change color, add your logo, change designs, alter typography and more, for your liking!

It will be Completely Responsive, not Just a Mobile Site.

One of the most important features of your website. A business’s website absolutely needs to be Responsive. Over half of internet users are on mobile devices. And almost all of them will leave your website if it is not responsive. Read more about this in our Journal Post 3 Things about Website Design that your Competitors want to know.

This doesn't mean it will just redirect to a mobile site when a screen is smaller than a certain width (which is now a problem for large phones because their screen size isn't as small as the coding requires for a mobile site) it means it will change all of the elements to fit perfectly for every screen. This means objects will be re-arranged and change in size or look, all based on the device used.

Content Management System (CMS)

Depending on the scope of work, we will also build you a full Content Management System! This means you will be able to update your site anywhere and anytime!  You can edit text, add images, and create new pages all inside of this content management system. This is best used for blog posts, restaurant dishes, movie times, or any other lists! It is advanced in its potential while at the same time being simple enough to pick up.

We use the Content Management System for our own website. It is what runs our entire website! Our whole team easily uses the CMS anywhere and anytime. And it will work the same way for you.‍

Quick Training

We take about 30 minutes to and hour to sit down and show you exactly how to use your new spectacular website! This includes helping you through any questions you may have or even last minute customizations! If you ever aren't sure of something, or have an issue adding on to your website, feel free to give us a call! A good example of where a website can make all the difference, is BP Builders. A new site that already is ranking for searches like Waterford roofing company and roofing company in waterford.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When we design your website, we code it entirely for the purpose of helping your business. This includes more than just web design, it includes making sure that search engines process your website with priority. Volex Design always makes sure that your website is accurately represented by the content of your site. To learn more about SEO, go to our Search Engine Optimization Page.

We have helped plenty of companies take over the internet (in a good way), IXCHEL provides the best quality hippie clothes. They needed to help the world find their awesome products! As you can see, they take up 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on Google for one of the top selling hippie products. The top 3 results take up more that 50% of all clicks (not including ads). So we decided to make them take the whole spot! The images below are also all from IXCHEL, which help conversion rates.

Go check them out!

What does it cost to have this? Is it really only hosting charges?

Yes! Only cost is the hosting, no big fee!

Most Website Design Companies charge between $5,000 to $10,000 dollars for a Small Business Website

No large website design fee!

We are building everlasting websites without the usual fee. Even though are website costs are lower than most, we have never offered something like this!

Now we took a step farther by offering websites without any design fee, only hosting costs.

Only $150 dollars to host!

We understand Businesses don't always have thousands of dollars on hand to spend. But businesses usually do have $150 dollars a month. This isn't even much more than what most website companies charge including the Design fee!

How do I get this awesome promotion?

Give us a call and mention where you saw this promotion

Did someone tell you about it? Did you see our facebook ad? Something else? Let us know!

You can tell us over the phone, shoot us an email, or message us through social media. Either way is fine.

Discussing your project

We'll discuss the important aspects you want to be captured in your website. Once we go over the details, our team will focus on delivering a website that captures the vision you have for your business's or organization's image on the internet.  

That's it! Congratulations on getting your new website!

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