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How to Set Your Restaurant Up for Success Online

How to Set Your Restaurant Up for Success Online

How to Set Your Restaurant Up for Success Online

Bringing convenience to users is a core tenant in many industries but it is king when it comes to restaurants. This tenet carries over to the design of a restaurant's website where users may be deciding between three to four different establishments to dine at. If a site takes to long too load, or it is too hard to navigate, users will go to a competitor within seconds. At Volex Design, we focus on propelling the standards of restaurant website design CA and restaurant SEO forward. Making sure that your customers engage with what online presence and brand so that they restaurant over the others.

Our goal before we start any designs or development is to put the soul of your restaurant into the foundation of the website's design. If the user can see what makes you different before they see the features of your site then your image and brand standing increases. After hashing out what points will make your restaurant website design stand out we can then start to shape the layout, color palettes, personalization points around that core concept. All of this is taken into account the ambiance that will resonate with the your desired audience.

Invite Them In

When it comes to restaurant website design, there is a level of transparency that has to exist in order for people to put trust into what you say and in what you do. That is why, starting from the home page, we invite the user into see what goes on behind the scenes so that they aren't being sold to but rather informed. They are finding out what you do and how you explain the services that you are offering.

Set The Tone for the Site

Every establishment has its own type of energy that it wants it customers to feel while they are dining and bring that feeling to your online presence with a complementing color palette that emulates the in house experience. The navigation button, the footer, the typeface itself has to set in way so that when a customer loads onto your website it is like walking into your restaurant.

Make It Easy to Find What They Want

One of the most important things in making your website more accessible for users is having your menu available online. Any difficulty in reaching that part of the site immediately casts doubts on the quality of service. With how far the internet has gone, figuring out what a restaurant serves shouldn't be a chore. A simple picture of a menu won't work anymore as the vast amount of differing screen sizes can make your menu hard to read. Establishing web pages that can scale dynamically to whatever screen they are on are the best way to insure that your customers can go over everything you have to order.  That is why our sites come equipped with multiple, easy to edit formats for your menu to be displayed prominently on your site and help its look.

Our CMS (Content Management System) makes it easy to add photos to your site, make changes to your menu online, and update events. All without having any technical experience! Through this you can create powerful showcases that highlight any new additions to the menu or highlight your most popular dishes so that customers already have something in mind when they come in. Also the CMS is your strongest tool in implementing your personalization points, places in your site where you place photos of your building, the food you serve, pictures of the staff, and after the initial design and development is completed you will be able to go on your own and further tunes these spots on site to the season.

Stand out from the Competition

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical component in making sure that you are the first option that search engines display when user are searching for a place to eat. At Volex Design, we start off the website design CA process by optimizing everything for SEO. We add the right amount keywords into the body copy of your site so when the search engines like Google crawl your site easier. This will make you stand out as more relevant than your competitors for those chosen keywords. Others ways to better help your local SEO is to have a map of your location on your contact page, which we can integrate in easily through our platform, so that users looking to call find you number easier.

It's important to pick someone that understands what needs to go into your website to make it succeed in today's fast paced online climate. Feel free to contact us if you want to start off on the right foot!

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