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How we Empower Contractors Through Web Design

How we Empower Contractors Through Web Design

How we Empower Contractors Through Web Design

A Quality Site for Quality Work

Putting quality work into a craft means that even the small details get the attention that they deserve. When it comes to creating websites that are proven to produce results for contractors, there are no small details that we leave up to chance.  We use to hone in on making your online presence, web design ct, and SEO stand out against the competition. We are giving you an all-in-one solution to having a hassle-free online presence.

Before any sketch is made for the website, we establish your online presence. Whether it is creating one from scratch or repurposing an existing identity so that it gets the potential to capture a new audience, this presence is built on a foundation of fonts families, color palettes, and a show of humanity to separate you from all the faces in the crowd. Then we lay out the goals that will drive the site, getting form submissions, a higher rank on search engines, an increase in traffic.  

With interrogations with HomeAdvisor, we can give your site better independence as users will have extra options at their disposal and won't have to go off-site for any information. This can bolster up the web design ct that runs through the framework of online presence giving it more accessible for users.

Your portfolio is a compelling way of showing off your talent as it gives users a look at past clients and the work you did on the job. It allows you to show the full transformation of a job site with a gallery of on the job photos. A stunning before and after of a project can put your skills on full display for future clients. Combing this aspect with your testimonial page and it is driven home that you have earned truth of the community that you serve. All of these lead to a higher amount of form submissions and people calling in for quotes.

Another way to open a dialogue with users and show your knowledge is to incorporate a blog into your web design ct as a way to reach out. Each one of your posts can hit on a different topic in the industry from general maintenance that users can put into practice themselves to tips on maintenance that can let users be aware of pending repairs. (An excellent example of a blog post would be one that goes over the lifespan of a roof. It shows craft knowledge, and it is a way to drive a user's attention to their roof and whether or not they are due for a visit.) Use the post on social media to further your reach and to spread the word of your services in a non-salesman way. Your blog can be a great place to highlight a recent job and offer a behind the scenes look as to how the magic of your industry gets done, be sure to include pictures of the projects for an even better impact.

SEO: The Secret Ingredient

SEO is a big part of having a business online, and it is something that we are have mastered. A way that we maximize the strength of our SEO is in the strategic placement of keywords inside the text of your site. With these words working double time we can boost your ranking with an industry term that people are searching for and even within certain towns and cities to make your business more flexible in adapting to market changes. SEO is often overlooked by many developers and can be the factor that can hold back web design ct.

And the Back-end Behind the Scenes

For the future of your site, we put the time in making sure that the tools we give you were simple to use and were not a hassle when it came to performing simple tasks. Our CMS (Content Management System) allows you to manage form submissions, add blog posts, create testimonials all without needing any technical knowledge. Make quick edits that can keep your web design ct ahead of the pack. We even integrate hosting so that there is peace of mind that your website will stay up any hour of the day. When you are ready to take the plunge into having your business get the website it deserves then don't hesitate to contact us.

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