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Meteorsites is launched!

Meteorsites is launched!

It's not easy being creative. I have found this out recently.

Meteorsites is a project that I have had on my mind for months. It was an idea I had about giving businesses owners, start-ups and freelancers a chance to grow their business without starting with a marketing budget. I know when I started my first business only had $160 dollars, although I had time. Now most of us don't even have that luxury.

I quickly found that nowadays you can't have a productive anything without a website. The problem is, not everyone has $5,000 to freely spend on a website. We may have $100 to spend each month, but we don't want to wait 50 weeks to get our first, tenth or 100th client. We need them now!

That's where Meteorsites was created.

We setup a system in which you can pick the website you want. Have it built for you by an award winning website designer. Then have it up and running in 7 days, all for only $110 a month.

We launched a little website that was severely lacking, but it still started growing. It was obvious we needed a new brand, and we needed it quick. After many hours staring at a white board trying to come up creative ideas to make our website and logo pop, we launched. And here it is. The new Meteorsites Brand.

Now we've got a new flashy logo using flat design.

We thought "Meteorsites", let's have an astronaut "sighting" a meteor go by. We know it's not apparent, it's more of an inside joke like the Amazon logo. If you look closely their logo is an arrow pointing from a to z, because they "sell everything from A to Z". Then the smile is the customers face once they buy the product.

Inspecting our logo should be a whole new article, and may be in the future. Mainly, we needed a colorful interesting logo that represented a somewhat futuristic feel while incorporating a meteorite.

My favorite part. The new Meteorsites website is really cool. Spending money can be a little unnerving. So we made our website as fun and interactive as we possibly could, while still being informative. That way you can feel comfortable with us and see that we really are good at what we do.

Go play around with our new website! (You'll see what I mean). Please comment on what you think about it. Do you have any changes in mind? Or have an idea of someone who'd like to see it? We can't wait to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

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