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What Drives a Small Businesses' Website?

What Drives a Small Businesses' Website?

What Drives a Small Businesses' Website?

What Goes Into our Sites

At Volex Design we create mid-sized web design ct that is an incredible asset to our clients business by helping to bridge the gap between them and their clients. Whenever a massive change happens to a business's website, it brings with it every staff member has to be retrained in how to access what they were already doing. Moreover, instead of having the website bend and shape around your business it is usually the other way around where the business alters how they operate to match their online presence. These qualities aren't synonymous with an asset; it is something that comes along with liability. A thing that is putting you at a disadvantage in the ever-changing race that is the internet.

How we at Volex Design plan on making mid-sized websites that are assets for clients is first through our custom platform, our clients use. Our CMS (Content Management System), is a system that reduces the learning curve that our client has with our websites dramatically. That is because we condense every aspect of controlling your website through an easy to pick up the menu that you can access by just going to your site. Adding blog pages, editing body copy on your site, and adding pictures can all be done with a few clicks. We accomplished this without putting the burden on the user by having them download and managing plugins having their content sync online.  

The Art of Maneuverability

A philosophy that we infuse into our mid-size web design ct is the essence of maneuverability. This mindset helps to make our sites flexible enough to accommodate all of the industries we serve, and strong enough to stand on their own when we are giving a company a new identity. Also, the essence of maneuverability increases the turnaround time, around 2 weeks, when we develop our websites so that our clients can start on the right foot quicker. All of these traits are boiled down and baked into the framework that we use to craft each one of our sites.

When coming up with the framework, we scout out the critical aspects of what makes a website in the different industries that we serve. This is to have an understanding of what to expect when a client from that sector comes to us for a site. So if you are working in the contracting sector and you request a website from us, you can rest assured that we have already developed the framework for a site that hits the specific goals that are needed for a contractor. There are times an industry will have unique needs and demands that aren't covered by our comprehensive framework and for times like that we leverage our mid-sized web design ct ability to adapt. Our team is always ready to work to develop additional features to your website to help overcome the challenges found in your industry.

As a small business ourselves, we know that time is a valuable currency that is traded for success later down the road. With that value established your time shouldn't have to go towards worrying about the small gears that make your online presence. That is why in the beginning, our team consults with you to set off the goals that your site needs to hit so that it is worth it to your business. Combining your goals and metrics with our framework and maneuverability within your industry creates a sitemap that leads to a successful web design ct.

With the goals addressed early in the development process, there is no more trying to figure out how the forms from your contact section are handled or if your home page has the right color scheme in place. With our mid-size web design ct we have you covered. At the end of the day, you shouldn't have to wonder what your site is doing because your site should be the last thing that you worry about. Contact us if you would like your site to become a hassle free experience.

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