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What should your website do for you?

What should your website do for you?

Well, what is it that you want it to do? This is a simple question that we all can forget to ask. When your choosing a website on Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, or another template platform, you sit yourself into a very small room, that lacks the opportunity to grow. A website can do anything, as long as it's developed by the right agency.

Take a look at a small family pizza restaurant, owned and founded by someone who had a special recipe that many have loved. Across the street, you have a pizza chain. The pizza chain offers the same pizza to everyone, and has been very successful doing it. The small family restaurant, has a unique pizza that customers are willing to pay more for because they have a better quality. Both are viable choices, although if you tried to re-sell one for yourself (with their permission of course), you would have absolutely no luck with the attempt of selling the chains pizza. Everyone has had it before, and why would they spend their money on having the same bland pizza they could have for $1 less. Let's look at what happens if you re-sell the unique pizza in another area. You'll find yourself selling pizzas as if they were hot-cakes. Why is this?

Choosing to use a site from the common template platform is like trying to re-sell a chain's pizza. Everyone has it, and it gives no reason for a potential client or customer to choose you.

Choosing Volex Design or Meteorsites, is like re-selling a unique pizza, fast success and leaves potential clients and customers with the feeling that your better than the rest. Our websites offer a high ROI with an effective and fast return on your website.

An instant concern someone may have when choosing where to get their website design is...how much will it cost? And this is what can drive business owners, bloggers, real estate agents, or anyone looking for a site, to go the cheap ineffective route of a DIY site builder, a wordpress web designer, or a cheap website template. This never works, except it can be cheap, at least sometimes. So how do you get a quality website without spending over 10 thousand dollars on your site? If your reading this article, you have probably figured out that we are a web design agency that solves these exact issues.

We understand start-ups, business owners, etc., don't have thousands to spend. So even though we have a complicated hard job that surpasses any possible competition in CT, we still offer very affordable options.

We have monthly, and one-time costs that allow for someone on any budget to get a quality website design. For strictly a monthly web design plan, simply choose your website on Meteorsites, or if your interested with talking with us about a on-time fee or even a mix between the two, contact Volex Design.

Thanks for Reading,

-Cameron G. Johnson (Volex Design & Meteorsites Founder)

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