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What you should know about Wordpress

What you should know about Wordpress

WordPress is a blogging platform, not the best one, although it did start a chain of great platforms. Unfortunately, because of it's fast popularity, people began using it to build small business websites with WordPress, and this is when using WordPress became such a problem. WordPress lost it's chance to grow into a better blogging platform, and created a systematic failure for small business web design.

1. You may have to worry about web designers

I hate to say it, but other website designers sometimes make a business of doing as little work as possible on someones website to end up getting paid 12,000 dollars. A WordPress website always consists of a bad template, with your information and pictures thrown in. Sometimes a WordPress website company will state that they are building you a custom site, and 9 out of 10 times this means, all they do is change the color and imagery. Now this wouldn't be such a big deal if not being run through Wordpress, but using it means you have a duplicate code and design as thousands of people only a few miles from you. What does this mean?

Having a duplicate website as thousands of others in your area means your visitors are bouncing right off your website and that's if they can even find you. Duplicate WordPress also gives google the impression your website isn't unique (because it's not) so it will just drop your search engine rankings. I will get more on this subject later in this post, but for now, what you need to know is this means less work for your web designer and a terrible result for your business.

Wordpress web designers can do very little work and charge you thousands for a bad site.

2. The issues in WordPress can be problematic

If you need 10 reasons why Wordpress websites are bad, this can cover them all. Wordpress web design is full of security errors, expensive problems, and constant back-end annoyances. The number of problems you encounter while working with WordPress is truly limitless, but here are some issues that most users have probably encountered quite often.

WordPress Plugins can keep acting up and conflict with one another.

Plugins are another way for WordPress website designers to do a little work and cause big issues. Someitmes a plugin or code that incorrectly tries to make some changes into admin section can also lock you out. You may also lose access to admin area due to a hacked WordPress site. This means you can't login into your website and you may be permanently locked out of your WordPress Dashboard until you pay someone to fix it for you, if they can.

Another problem can be the "Are you sure you want to do this?" error. If you come across this there may be a quick fix you can do without paying $50 an hour. Check out this site if you come across that problem: https://www.templatemonster.com/help/wordpress-troubleshooter-how-to-deal-with-are-you-sure-you-want-to-do-this-error-2.html#gref

Watch out for the "white screen of death" as well. This is the not-so-perfect combination of common and terrifying. You'll be working on something, and then your whole page will just go white. This is so common in WordPress they have it as the first item on their "Common Wordpress Errors" page. It's not a good sign when your web development platform has to have a page dedicated to all the problems you'll probably meet.

You need to look out for redirect issues caused by plugins as well, these can be caused by a mis-configuration when the plugin was used. Basically when using wordpress plugins (they are the only option) you'll need to be ready to pay out the wahzoo for all the problems that occur, or else your website will just be more of a mess.

Spam comments that get out of control.

This isn't too big of a deal, just annoying. If you have a WordPress site, chances are you’ve had to deal with spam comments. Your site can be brand new without any traffic at all, and because your using WordPress, spam will find a way to start infiltrating your comments section. 

3. Watch out for Security Issues.

I know that last category could have been this whole blog post, but no, that's just one of the many reasons you shouldn't use wordpress. The source code of WordPress is the same across all their templates, this makes it so easy for hackers and robots to take all your information. Yes I said robots, these are programs and sites that are pretty much just viruses for websites. You don't need a hacker to hack your website, just a small program someone turned on. These robots go and steal all your personal information, secured files, and emails. Oh man do these things love to steal emails. You and your customers could have their emails used for spam when using a WordPress site.

4. WordPress = Limitations.

The minute you choose to use WordPress web design, now your stuck in the small opening of Wordpress. If you want to make your site look a little better, at a different feature, try to rise on search engines, you can't. There are small options to try to accommodate these desires but they are only a tenth of what your trying to accomplish. You can try paying someone more then your website costs to "hack" your code into something else. Don't actually do this, it's an enormous security issue because you can't ever update your Wordpress site. Seeing they have a new problem every week that's really important.

Not to mention the limitations of your web designer. They aren't planning on doing everything for free, be ready to open your checkbook more than once or twice when using a WordPress web designer.

5. Wordpress isn't built for business.

WordPress has completely abandoned any quality web development in favor of making it easy for barely technical people to throw together a quick website with some form of content management. While this is great for cheap web designers and low-skilled developers trying to make a buck, it won't do anything for the needs of your business.

 If a developer or development company is recommending WordPress for a company website, you should instantly question their industry knowledge. The only reason they would be doing this is it is the easiest and cheapest route for them to take, but not for you. Or they are completely knew to website design and don't know what they are doing. Both reasons will cost you a large quantity of time and money.

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