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Attorneys have the choice of not only a customized template site, but also full custom websites built only for your practice. Sound interesting? Contact us to get more information.

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Law Firm Website Design CT

Our innovative approach to law firm website design allows us to create custom attorney websites, and effective results without reinventing the wheel. Every law firm web design entails a unique design, that caters specifically to your business in order to produce the best possible results.

Law Firm Web Designers in CT

Do most of your clients come from referrals and directories like FindLaw or Martindale-Hubbel? Volex Design, a CT Web Design Company, specializes in helping small businesses spend less, and have a more reliable source of business. Most of your business probably comes from your website, whether that's how they found you, or if they looked you up. Our law firm Web Design CT services become the best marketing tool you'll ever have.

Ensure your marketing works

Every source of marketing nowadays, is sending all traffic to your website. If your law firm website design isn't up to par with what users are looking for, they'll just leave. We develop a website that's proven to be successful, all you need to do is drive your potential clients to it. Your website is your first impression, if it's not a good one, you don't get a second chance. 

We design as many pages as you need for every purpose required. As a CT Web Design Company we scale our projects to fit your goals. If your beginning a journey on pay per click advertising, let us know and we'll develop a landing page to convert your visitors. If you need informational pages to teach your clients, our web designers will develop an FAQ. We are here to bring you more business, and make your life easier.

We let lawyers be lawyers.

Your duty isn't to become a marketing expert, that's our job. The only part of your website you time is needed for is the content, and we'll help you with that too. We take care of the entirety of the website design, we do what works, and we won't bother you with the details. Of course if you have any questions, we will give you every detail of information you need.

Friendly on every device

One of the most important factors of law firm Web Design CT, is it's responsiveness. There are two types of mobile friendly website design:

Dynamic Serving

Responsive Web Design

You'll want the latter.

Dynamic Serving is the act of redirecting to a new website for different devices. The most common to redirect to a small website for smartphones. Any CT Web Design Company will tell you that this is bad for many reasons, but the main two are:

Bad for SEO

Bad website design

Responsive website design is the way to go because it keeps the exact same website across all devices, and it automatically changes it's design no matter what device it is on. Responsive websites take up the full width of your screen, and change the layout so it always looks great. Volex Design only designs in responsive Web Design CT.

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