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The single hardest part of running a business is bringing in the new clients. We create the foundation that can make it possible.

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How Can You Bring in More Eyes to Your Site?

A businesses success is based on its ability to bring in business and keep it. An average small business has their biggest expense no advertising. Now that everything has moved to the internet, Web Design is the only place to turn for any sort of successful marketing. Unfortunately many businesses fall into the trap of either buying a template wordpress website, a click and drag website builder, or paying someone to put on of these together. Over 23% of all websites are made with wordpress, and they aren't creating sales. So many local CA Web Design Company are paying through the roof for web design that's not working.

"If your website isn't bringing in business, then it's not doing its job."

What if your website could be your only source of advertising? Wouldn't that save your business a large quantity of money? Well Web Design CA is the way to go. Volex design creates custom responsive websites using UI and UX Design. UI Design is the study of User Interface Website Design, in a simple sense, when Volex Design develops a website, we build the back-end from scratch to ensure that every user and visitor to your website can easily find what they are looking for with ease. Now this also greatly affects SEO, as it allows for Google, Bing, and other search engines to crawl your website easily. This means you can rank higher on Google, Bing, etc. for searches that are relevant to your business.

Why does your website need to be responsive?

You’ve heard it before.

Not once. Not twice. I probably can’t even count it on two hands.

Basically, without having a responsive and mobile friendly website your losing business, a lot of business. Now your not just losing your customers on mobile. Your also missing out on potential sales, clients or customers on desktop too.

California Website Design builds your Brand.

We have proven to our clients why we're the best CA Web Design Company, but that's only because they got to experience our website design skills and knowledge first hand. We've gotten all our clients because they saw our online presence from our website and could tell our service was very high quality, and far better than all our competition. Our clients made their decision because of our website. We've gotten all our clients because they could tell we are a credible business from their first impression. This is what we do for you, this is how your demographic can choose you above all your competition. Because your website will be the winner of everyone in your area. Our mission for each Web Design CA customer in California, is to make sure their Custom Responsive Website is better than all of their competitors.

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