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Volex Design is a Butte, CA web design company. We specialize in small to large business website design, and search engine optimization.

Volex Design - Professional Website Design in Butte, CA

Volex Design creates mobile-friendly responsive websites in Butte, CA. Web design that brings in more sales and customers to your Butte business.



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Butte Website Design

Volex Design is a leading provider of professional technology, website, and marketing services for small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the Butte California area. We are the #1 provider for website design and development in Butte CA. Volex Design even provides award winning services for website UI Design and UX Design for Butte businesses. Our team uses the most advanced platforms which allow the most simple use of your website and CMS. To learn more about our CMS read below.

Best CMS (Content Management System) available in Butte CA

Volex Design offers the best CMS available in Butte website design. We use a platform that is easy for anyone to use without any website or technological knowledge. It is even self explanatory for those who feel computer illiterate. Our team at Volex Design will train you and your team how to edit your website without having to worry about any issues with your website. It's common that when people use a template CMS such as WordPress for their Butte Website Design that they first need to go through a tough process of learning the system just to finally to be stuck calling someone or even worse, paying someone to fix it for them. We customize each CMS to each unique website, so you only have to worry about what you want to edit. That's it.

Responsive Website Design in Butte CA

After a little searching on the web, from experience, or maybe someone complaining about a current website, you probably know that your website absolutely has to be responsive. A responsive web design isn't just a benefit, without it you'll just lose out. Your competitors likely have one, if not they will.

Over 50% of all website traffic in Butte comes from mobile devices. This isn't only mobile phones, ipads, ipods, android tablets and windows tablets. Mobile-friendly is not responsive! A responsive website is mobile friendly.

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