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Volex Design is a Los Angeles, CA web design company. We specialize in small to large business website design, and search engine optimization.

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Volex Design develops and designs custom professional websites for small businesses, start-ups, blogs, non-profit organizations, medium and large size companies. Our Los Angeles web designers have been awarded by national website award companies such as CSS Light, Creatives Den, CSS, PWA Award etc. We have been awarded for website designs that are easy to use, create a brand, and show your business as a credible business.

Responsive Los Angeles CA Website Designers.

It's no longer just "important" to work with a responsive web developer, you used to be able to get by with only a "mobile-friendly" website. Now without a responsive website, even if it redirects to a mobile site, you're losing a large portion of your customer, possibly all of them.

Over 50% of all people in Los Angeles CA are using mobile devices more than desktop devices. So if you have a mobile-friendly website you won't lose out on any customers right? Nope. You could possibly reach up to 50% of your website visitors. An old website template that links to a mobile website under the same domain doesn't reach your visitors. Now old templates like most WordPress websites, even when mobile friendly, don't work on desktop. They only fit a very small portion of the screen, they are hard to use, you can't navigate the website whatsoever, and most of all the websites visitors leave to go to your competition, and Los Angeles website designers are still using this terrible method.

Volex Design's Los Angeles Website Design CA is built all our websites from scratch into a 100% responsive website. We don't just have a second set of code that fits a mobile website. Other Los Angeles Web Designers will just use template websites that only redirect to mobile-friendly websites because it is easier to do, although it is terrible for any business to thrive off of. Volex Design's website designs are built from scratch to change based on every size of a screen, so there will never be a device your Los Angeles website design won't look great on.

Everybody's on mobile

Because of the fact that more than 50% of people are on a mobile device instead of desktop, Volex Design won't build a website that isn't responsive. We don't just develop mobile-friendly websites, they are all apart of responsive website design in. When looking for the best Los Angeles web designer, it's important to pick one who has experience in creating responsive websites. Responsive website designers in Los Angeles have a much harder job than someone who just redirects to a mobile website... But it's worth it. Here's why:

Your industry isn't web design and it isn't your job to know that something like this will severely harm your reputation and any chance of getting business from your website. It is ours, and we know that if your website looks like this, and everything is stuck in the middle of the screen and doesn't look good on any device, it will be hard to use and no one will be calling for your service.

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