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Volex Design is a Placer, CA web design company. We specialize in small to large business website design, and search engine optimization.

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Volex Design is a Placer website design company built upon a track record of quick, seamless, and sustainable results.



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We are a Placer Website Design Company that provides lucrative web design and development for small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations and more! Choosing an CA web design company with creative web developers is a crucial part in developing your business and creating an effective online presence. Here is how you can pick a great website designer in Placer CA.

How to pick your CA Web Designer:

CA Web Design is just what it sounds like, the process of designing and developing a website. At Volex Design, our process is what turns your website design into a business's greatest asset. Many times, when you deal strictly with a designer, you get a great design, but lose out on the key functionality you need because the designer simply doesn't know how to “code" a website. In contrast, when dealing strictly with a web developer, you get all of the functionality you need, but the design lacks a creative spark and doesn't truly represent the image of your company brand. The biggest problem with this is your company won't bring in business without using the web design to influence your potential clients into making a sale, call your business, or setup a meeting.

We recognized that this was a common problem and extreme frustration when it came to companies trying to satisfy both needs. So we decided to change things up, we have the creative side that uses "UI Design" and "UX Design" to accomplish a websites goals. And on the coding development side, we have the best website platform and coding process for fast and effective CA web development.

Our Placer Web Design Process

No two businesses are exactly alike, therefore no two projects are alike. We really take the time and effort to review all of your web needs and build a strategy based on that. We firmly believe in giving you the control (if you want it) yet staying by your side for support, assistance, ideas, and acting as your full-time website designers.

FIrst Step: Strategy

‍Strategic design is the fusion of your organizational goals with every aspect of your design process. You aren’t simply designing a user interface that looks good and is usable and accessible. You’re designing an interface that will help you accomplish your organization’s objectives.

We take time to find out exactly what you need and what you want to accomplish from your website. Then we identify your audience by studying your businesses demographic. Finally we work on the strategic design, which comes up next.

Second Step: Web Design

You’ve established the purpose of your website design CA, set some goals you want to achieve, identified your audience and determined your brand image. You can now proceed to implement it. So how do you make design decisions sync with your strategy? We study website designs of successful websites all around the world that have succeeded. Now we start out the Placer Web Design with a simple piece of paper. We draw out every page and consistently make changes until it will provide the best results. Then we start on the web development in Placer.

Third Step: Web Development

The main goal of website development is to streamline business operations, save costs, and enhance efficiency, while some examples include tracking inventory, maintaining account balances or interpreting data. It is also where compliance issues come in, integration with other enterprise components and testing take place.

We implement our website design while building each and every website from scratch. In the process in developing your Placer Responsive Website Design we make any changes that can make the website better. After the web development in Placer, we then bring it to you and discuss any changes you would like. A website design rarely just comes out exactly as you want it. The difference between Volex Design and other Placer Web Designers is our attention to detail and our guarantee to bring you business. Other CA Website Design companies will hand you a template or even customized website and leave it with you. If they even do make changes, they will charge you for it. Unless you want to add extra pages, complicated add-ons or re-do a large amount of work, we won't charge you for first time website changes.

Fourth Step: Search Engine Optimization

Most of the time SEO work will start during the web development process. And sometimes if better for your situation, we can design and develop your website and later on when your ready we can start on Placer SEO. Learn more about our Placer SEO services.

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