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Volex Design is a New London, CT web design company. We specialize in small to large business website design, and search engine optimization.

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Volex Designs' office is based out of Old Lyme, CT. If your close, feel free to visit!

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A businesses success is based on its ability to bring in business and keep it. An average small business has their biggest expense no advertising. Now that everything has moved to the internet, New London Web Design is the only place to turn for any sort of successful marketing. Unfortunately many businesses fall into the trap of either buying a template wordpress website, a click and drag website builder, or paying someone to put on of these together. Over 23% of all websites are made with wordpress, and they aren't creating sales. So many local companies are paying through the roof for a web developer in CT that's not producing results.

We are Volex Design, a local Website Design Agency based in CT, we focus on creating small business websites in New London and all around Eastern Connecticut. At Volex Design we develop quality websites, that are affordable for any business.

It's hard finding a web designer in New London that can meet your businesses needs, unfortunately almost every web designer in New London doesn't design websites for your benefit. Only to give you an expense. We use UI and UX design to develop websites that succeed. Our websites, drive sales, bring in customers, give instant credibility, and prove to be the best Investment your business can make.

Some benefits of using Volex Design for your New London Website Design Project

Our web design company works until your website surpasses your expectations and exceeds any boundaries other New London web designers have. Simply put, we know web design, and we especially know how to make it profitable for you.

1. All our websites are unique to your business

We customize all of our websites from either a template or from scratch, so that your website stands out from your competition. This way your website users don't leave for another competitors. Only custom websites can take the real benefits of Search Engine Optimization. Also a template website like wordpress has many issues and is extremely forgettable. Wordpress websites can't create a brand and don't make many sales. A custom website design for New London businesses are the meaning of a high ROI.

2. Every website design is 100% responsive

After a little searching on the web, from experience, or maybe someone complaining about a current website, you probably know that your website absolutely has to be responsive. A responsive web design isn't just a benefit, without it you'll just loose out. Your competitors likely have one, if not they will.

Over 50% of all website traffic in New London comes from mobile devices. This isn't only mobile phones, ipads, ipods, android tablets and windows tablets. Mobile-friendly is not responsive! A responsive website is mobile friendly.

Many New London Web Designers will say their websites are mobile-friendly without specifying that it is not responsive. A website design that is not responsive looks terrible on a desktop and will leave users screaming. A responsive website does better on search engines and the HTML stays the same.

3. We build websites with the intention of your profit not ours.

If you read this far you may have noticed that we haven't said Volex Design makes cool websites. Sure we do, but that's not what matters. What matters is if your website is going to make you money. It matters that you get a high return on your website investment or (ROI). We know this, that's why we work very hard to constantly stay up to date with visual sciences, UI Design, UX Design, and trends of Web Design in CT.

To learn more about New London web design check out Website Design in CT.

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